25/03 We will be closed for shipping/collections 27/03-16/04; See here - https://www.connecteddevices.co.za/pages/coronavirus-lockdown


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Coronavirus Lockdown

25/03/2020 - 22:30pm

What a week it's been so far. We now (finally) have concrete information as to how things will (or won't) work during the lockdown period.

Our offices and warehouse are forcibly closed as at 5pm Thursday 26 March and will re-open at 8am on Friday, 17 April (assuming currently published "21 Day Lockdown" period remains as currently stated).

What we won't be able to do :

We will not be able to dispatch orders, receive shipments, collect or receive returns from Friday 27 March to Thursday 16 April (both days inclusive).

We will not be able to work from our offices

What we will be able to do :

Any orders not yet fulfilled at the time of lockdown, would only be able to be fulfilled from the earliest, 17 April on the basis that the current published "21 Day Lockdown" period remains as currently stated.

We'll be available digitally via Phone, Apple Business Chat, Live Help, E-Mail and Facebook.

Our Customer Service Team will still operate our usual hours of 8am to 5pm during this period.

All orders can continue to be placed, will be processed and where applicable for the product types as below :

"Local Stock" - Items will be reserved in our warehouse or at supplier

"Special Import" - Items will be able to be reserved at supplier and imported when possible and stored until delivery to us is possible,

Dispatch / Collection on 26 March

We will operate as normal on Thursday 26 March, however we cannot guarantee whether orders dispatched on this day will get delivered onwards.

If your order is due to ship, we'd recommend collecting if you're located in Johannesburg. Alternatively, you can request your order to held back with us.

If your order is dispatched but unable to be delivered due to the "21 Day Lockdown" restrictions, it will be securely stored at the courier warehouse facility until the next delivery opportunity.

All our packages are fully insured, irrespective of their location, up until delivery is completed successfully.


We thank you for your continued support. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

The Connected Devices Team